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YFPN Featured Filipino Professional Ray Estrella | Residential Realtor – Sutton Group

YFPN - Ray Estrella Residential Realtor - Sutton Group

Last week, the YPFN got a chance to chat with Ray Estrella, a residential realtor with Sutton Group Seafair Realty. We were able to ask him 5 questions about his business.

YPFN: Hi Ray! Thanks for doing this interview. First off, tell us a little about your business, and what you do.

RE: I am a residential real estate agent that works out of the Greater Vancouver area. My clients are typically first time home buyers.

YPFN: What advice would you give someone that is interested in becoming a realtor?

RE: Prepare to do a lot of work. This is a hard business that rewards hard work and honestly. Also, have fun with your clients.

YPFN: Did you have a mentor early on in you career?

RE: No I did not. At the time, I inquired with another realtor to become my mentor; however, she said if you really want to learn you have to do it on your own.

YPFN: In terms of trends and pricing, what are your thoughts on Metro Vancouver’s current real estate market?

RE: It isn’t a perfect market. Because of the high prices, you have to take the time to find a property that you like. There is always available property that is within your means – especially when it is your first home purchase.

YPFN: For those interested in your services, how can people contact you?

RE: People can reach me by:

1. Phone: 604-505-5535
2. Email:
3. Facebook:

YFPN Featured Filipino Professional Melissa Guillergan | Maid in Vancouver

Melissa Guillergan

Last week, the YFPN got a chance to chat with Melissa Guillergan, the president and founder of Maid in Vancouver – a referral-based cleaning company that specializes in residential and commercial cleaning. We were able to ask her 5 questions about her business venture.

YFPN: Hi Melissa! Thanks for doing this interview. First off, tell us a little about your business, Maid in Vancouver.

MG: Maid in Vancouver is a local cleaning company specializing in cleaning homes and offices. I recognized that there was a need for a trusted and reliable cleaning service in the Lower Mainland. Thanks to family, friends and colleagues, my business expanded quickly through word of mouth. We now have more than 100 clients and are still growing.

YFPN: What motivated you to start your own business?

MG: Even though I graduated from university with a business degree, I didn’t think I was entrepreneurial at all. However, I knew that no matter what I did, I wanted to help other people. Maid in Vancouver’s mandate is to help new immigrants, particularly those from the Philippines, build a strong foundation for their new lives in Canada through fair wages and a great working environment.

YFPN: Did you have a mentor during this process? If so, how did he/she help guide you through this process?

MG: When I was growing up, I saw how several of my family members embraced and found success in being entrepreneurs, especially my mother who started her own money loan company in the Philippines, all while she juggled a career as a principal of an elementary school. I balance this business while also having a career in advertising. I guess we’re the perfect example of how the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

YFPN: What type of advice would you give someone that is interested in starting their own business?

MG: I have two pieces of advice: 1. Spend time to do your research; find out what separates you from everyone else; 2. Turn to your friends and family for advice, they’re your best critics.

YFPN: For those interested in your services, how can people contact you?

MG: We are a referral-only service. For those interested, my email is

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